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Welcome to the website of the Kelvin Smith Residence Organ. This project began in about 1993 with the purchase of a 10 rank Moller organ and its installation in the garage of our home. When the opportunity arose (about 1996), we built a home designed for the organ, in Paris Idaho, and have continued work on it as time and money have allowed. 63 ranks are currently installed, playing from a 4 manual drawknob console, and some 20 others are in storage or in various stages of installation.

The above picture shows the new facade of the organ as of February 2008. Three ranks of pipes are incorporated into the facade. 25 notes of the 16' Principal (which plays on pedal and great) are used, including the three center pipes and all the pipes in the wings. 16 pipes of the Pedal 8' Octave occupy the lower middle section, and ten notes of the great 8' Diapason are in the upper diagonal flats. All 51 of the facade pipes play.

The organ is housed in a room specially built for it, with over 500 square feet of space for the pipe chambers, 600 square feet of open listening space. The ceiling is 30 high at the peak. The room is about 52,000 cubic feet in volume. There are about two seconds of reverberation. The room is acoustically designed to serve as a "soundboard" for the organ. The tones produced by organ pipes need a space with hard surfaces to reflect and mix the sounds.

In 2007 we installed a new windchest for the great division. This was a custom designed electric slider chest built by Organ Supply Industries of Erie, Pennsylvania. This and the rebuilding of the facade had to be done together as the old facade had to be removed to get the new windchest in. Pictures of this along with more information can be seen here.

In early 2012 we installed a new reed for the great, the Tromba 8'. A homemade electro-pneumatic windchest was built for it. These pipes are installed behind the great division, right under the ceiling and above the swell shades. Read more about it here.

Currently, new a windchest is in progress for 4 pedal stops.

The specification includes a wide variety of colorful and mild flutes and strings as well as a hefty chorus of diapasons and reeds with an emphasis on round tones and plenty of fundamental. The large variety of stops is important for successful rendition of the wide variety of organ music that has been written over the centuries. Different combinations of the numerous stops provide thousands of contrasting tonal colors.

Here are some recordings:

J. S. Bach: Herzlich tut mich verlangen
(Great: Bourdon 8' and Twelfth 2 2/3'; Positiv: Nason Flute; Pedal: Subbass 16, Bourdon 8)

J. S. Bach: Vater Unser im HImmelreich
(Great: Bourdon 8' and Waldflute 4'; Pedal: Subbass 16, Bourdon 8)

J. S. Bach: Wir glauben all an einen Gott
(Great: Diapasons 16-8-4-2, Mixture, Tromba; Pedal: Principal 16, Subbass 16, Octave 8, Choral Bass 4, Tuba 16)

J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C Minor
Great: Diapasons 8-4-2, Mixture;
Pedal: Principal 16, Subbass 16, Octave 8, Choral Bass 4, Tuba 16;
Swell: Geigen Diapason 8, Octave 4, Flageolet 2
Great: Diapasons 8-4-2;
Pedal: Principal 16, Subbass 16, Octave 8, Choral Bass 4;
Swell: Geigen Diapason 8, Octave 4, Flageolet 2
The mixture and pedal tuba are added near the end, and several more stops for the last few chords.)

See the complete list.


*Pipes marked with an asterisk awaiting installation.

16'BourdonMoller 5349
8'DiapasonMoller 5349
8'BourdonAustin 1148
8'ViolincelloAustin 1148
2 2/3'TwelfthJohnson 550
2'FifteenthJohnson 550
2'Flautino (ext)Moller 5349
1 3/5'SeventeenthUnkown rescaled VDOR
IIIMixtureE.M. Skinner?
16'Fagotto (Sw)
16'Bourdon DouxJohnson 550
8'Geigen DiapasonMoller 5349
8'BourdonJohnson 550
8'Concert Flute*Austin 1148
8'Gamba Celeste*Hillgreen-Lane
8'SalicionalAustin 1148
8'Voix CelesteUnknown
4'OctaveAustin 1148
4'Flute HarmoniqueJohnson 550
2 2/3'NazardUnknown
2'FlageoletJohnson 550
1 3/5'TierceRevoiced EM Skinner
1 1/3'LarigotMoller
IVPlein JeuUnknown
8'TrompetteE.M. Skinner, currently using choir cornopean
8'OboeJohnson 550
8'Vox HumanaAustin
32'Contre Bourdon (ext)A stoppered Austin Wood Diapason
16'Principal (gt)
16'Wood DiapasonJohnson 550
16'SoubasseMoller 5349
16'Lieblich Gedeckt(Swell)
10 2/3'Quinte*Haskell
8'OctaveJohnson 550
8'Wood Diapason(ext)
8'BourdonJohnson 550
8'Lieblich Gedeckt(Swell)
5 1/3'Quinte*ext
4'Choral BassWicks
4'DiapasonSalt Lake Tabernacle-Niels Johnson
4'Flauto Traverso(Great)
4'Labial OboeGottfried
IVRauschpfeiferecycled Kimball and others
32'Bombarde* (ext)Part Skinner
16'Bombarde* (ext)
16'Tuba (Ch)(Choir)
16'Fagotto (Sw)Haskell
8'Trompetteunknown, 1840's
8'Tuba (Ch)
8'Fagotto (Sw)
4'Claironrevoiced by Larry Wheeler
16'DulcianaAustin 1148
8'Violin DiapasonAustin, Salt Lake Tabernacle
8'RohrfloteJohnson 550
8'Viole de GambaMoller 5349
8'Viole CelesteMoller 5349
8'DulcianaMoller 5349
8'Dolce CelesteHillgreen-Lane
4'OctaveKimball, Salt Lake Tabernacle
4'Harmonic FluteKimball, Salt Lake Tabernacle
2 2/3'Dolce Cornet IIIHaskell
8'Clarinet*Johnson 550
8'HautboisAustin 1148
16'TubaAustin opus 1173
8'Tuba (ext)Austin opus 1173
8'Nason FluteAustin 1148
8'Quintadena*Revoiced by Larry Wheeler
8'Spitzflote (ext)Moller
2'PrincipalOrgan Supply?
1 1/3'QuinteRevoiced by Larry Wheeler
IISesquialtera*Moller and Austin
IIZimbel*Organ Supply?
8'Crumorne*Revoiced by Larry Wheeler
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