The Homemade 32' Flute

The 32' Flute was made from an Austin Wood Diapason. The pipes had to be lengthened by about 10 inches, and about half of them were mitered, and had to be unmitered. The tuning slots also had to be filled. I built the windchest using the original Austin pneumatics. It was a tedious process to splice in many pieces of wood, most of which was done in 2017. The largest four pipes weighed over 200 pounds (each), and we used pulley hoists to lift them up onto the loft and into place.

This shows the process of regluing the pipes together. It was done in two layers, after routing out a section on both sides of the joint.

Low C# and D of the 32' flute stretched nearly across the organ room while they were being glued together.

Looking up from the bottom of the 32' flute after installation.

The 32' flute is standing against the wall, and the 16' Wood Diapason across from it.

The bottom 4 pipes ready to be hoisted in place. Low C is the one at the top and the closer side.

This is haw the stoppers were made, out of three layers of wood with a layer of cork in the middle. The larger one is low C.

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